Labor is done for free and volunteered. It is my desire to offer the literature for free.

All most all the articles found on this site are available in three-fold or four-fold pamphlet form. Some of these pamphlets are 8.5x11 front and back (three-fold), and some are 8.5x14, front and back (four-fold) depending on the article. The pamphlets that are still in print, cost "Beyond the Pulpit"of 25 cents each for producing.

The following costs "Beyond the Pulpit" 12 cents a page to produce.

Books (spiral bound)
1. Understanding Roman Catholicism, 19 lessons, approx. 225 pages
2. Christian Finances, 18 lessons, approx. 78 pages
3. Understanding Trials, 14 lessons, 121 pages
4. ABC's That Threaten Christian Living, 26 lessons, approx. 52 pages

The following costs "Beyond the Pulpit" 12 cents a page to produce.
1. The Rapture, 12 pages
2. What You Should Know About Cremation, 21 pages
3. How To Comfort Parents Who Have Lost An Unborn, An Infant, or Young Child! 31 pages
4. What Is A Baptist? 21 pages
5. What You Should Know About Depression, 36 pages
6. Bible Studies On Depression, 27 pages
7. The Twelve Men Hand Selected By Jesus, 11 pages
8. Should We Follow The Purpose Driven Church Philosophy Of Rick Warren? 27 pages
9. CARE Booklet Volume One Training Servants, 12 sections, 26 pages
10. CARE Booklet Volume Two: Assisting Others, 16 sections, 32 pages
11. (in production) What God Says About Trials (Hospital booklet)
12. (in production) Pre-marital Counseling Course
13. (in production) Family Planning and Birth Control
14. (in production) Dispensationalism
15. (in production) Difficult to Understand Passages